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What is a Data-Driven company?  And not on personal feelings. Digital technology is fundamental. But it is a strategic step capable of bringing the culture of data to all company levels.Web Analytics 28 Oct 2021 Editorial board Having a data-driven approach means exploiting the treasure of Big data in companies. Effectively Italy WhatsApp Number List using data in the decision-making process.

What data-driven company 

In marketing, for example, the analysis of customer Italy WhatsApp Number List data ( Customer Analytics ) is now common practice for various organizations. Because it allows digital marketing activities to drive the growth of the company. Building more meaningful and lasting relationships with customers. Index of topics What data-driven company means: a data-based approach Data-driven companies are those that consider data management not as a technical factor, but as a strategic pillar of the business. Being data-driven means being guided by numbers, having a data-based approach, to Italy WhatsApp Number List make informed decisions, based on objective facts and not on personal feelings.

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Means: a data-based approach

The transformation into a data-driven company cannot . therefore, take place with technology alone. But with a change management path capable of bringing the culture of data to all company levels. Today’s CEOs and managers need the information to help them understand what the future holds. Having Italy WhatsApp Number List correct, fresh, and frequently collected data is essential.

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