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Middle-influencers are often grouped with micro-influencers but you may sometimes hear the distinction made in marketing circles. Types of influencers for micro-influencers micro-influencers with mega influence the influence of the micro crowd feels almost counterintuitive. But according to markerly. The like and comment ratio for influencers’ instagram posts actually decreases as their following grows; those with under Greece Phone Number   followers boast an  like ratio while for influencers with – million the ratio drops down to .. There are several factors that can explain this engagement gap. Firstly. The more followers an influencer has the more likely they are to attract a higher number of fake and bot accounts that will beef up their numbers but won’t actually contribute genuine engagement. 

More importantly. For influencers with fewer followers. A large percentage will be people they actually know and are thus more likely to trust their recommendations. Micro-influencers are also seen as more authentic because. They are less prone to plugging products on a regular basis. The numbers support Greece Phone Number  this theory. A recent study by experticity focused on the power of micro-influencers compared to the average consumer and surveyed over . influencers and  of their peers to find out how effective their influence actually is. Some of the main highlights reported in the study are the following:  of consumers are “highly likely” to follow the recommendation of a micro–influencer. 

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Influencers are seen as at least  more credible and knowledgeable. About products than the general population. Compared to the average consumer. Micro–influencers have up to . times more “buying conversations”. The niche influencer for a good example of why micro or “niche” influencers provide better engagement and roi we can compare them to celebrities. If a brand approaches a high-profile celebrity with a particular Greece phone number product for a very expensive sponsored post. They will probably get a lot of exposure. But how valuable is this exposure when a good number of the celebrity’s followers. May not even be interest in that type of product? It has been proven. Time and again that recruiting several smaller influencers that focus on the relevant industry is more effective in terms of traffic and sales.

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Entrepreneur highlights several case studies in which micro-influencer campaigns provided successful conversions for brands. Such as shoes of prey’s collaboration with beauty vlogger blair fowler (who currently has k instagram followers). Which yielded a  permanent increase in sales. Niche influencer for Greece Phone Number  micro-influencers finding and pitching micro-influencers the process begins with audience research and designing a persona for your brand (or for the specific campaign). Once you have an idea of your average consumer and where they are likely to go for information about products (do they prefer instagram. Pinterest. Some other platform?) it will be much easier to find influencers. 

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Different types of influencers respond to different incentives. So think carefully about what influencers in your target market will prefer. Food bloggers may prefer invitations to review restaurants and events over product reviews. Whereas beauty bloggers love getting exclusive access to new releases. Do some Greece Phone Number  research into what kind of campaigns brands in different industries do with influencers for inspiration. As for identifying the right micro-influencers for your campaign? Be aware that the process of finding and contacting influencers can be time-consuming.

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