Increasingly Becoming the Norm

In the introduction it was already clear that more than 10% of turnover is spent on marketing. 64% of B2B marketers expect their budget to increase in the near future: Screenshot at article about B2B marketers. Source: B2B Benchmark 2021 . We therefore see the term ‘revenue marketing’ more and more often abroad. Instead of focusing on Paraguay B2B List of leads, requests or downloads, the focus is on the contribution of marketing to the company’s revenue.

Will 2022 be the year of truth?

Various metrics can be used for this, such as the Paraguay B2B List  contribution of marketing to the pipeline (in euros) and ‘ marketing influenced’ deals. The linking of tools (trend 4) is again essential for this. Once you’ve done that, you can measure your contribution in real-time, which also improves the collaboration between marketing and sales. The collaboration between marketing and sales in a diagram. Source: Act-On . Will 2022 be the year of truth? The above trends are important because in the coming years they will strongly determine the extent to which an organization is able to respond (online) to the needs of customers.

 year of truth?

Data must be in order and tools must  Paraguay B2B List be integrated. Gaining and applying knowledge are key for B2B marketers. I’m curious how you do that as a B2B marketer. Share your experience below! The basics of online marketing in 2 days [training] The great (and less great) of the earth know it: no online success without a marketing strategy. During the Online marketing (basic) training, get acquainted with the most important parts of digital marketing: from social media to web analytics. And from email marketing to advertising. Knowing more?

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