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In October last year the social network also began China Phone Number experimenting with a tipping functionality (“LIVE gifting”), which allows fans to pay their favorite creators during their live broadcasts. Although TikTok keeps a commission of 50%. %. That is going to bet China Phone Number on paid subscriptions seems like a logical step if it wants to retain creators at its side . But the entry on the scene of this functionality could draw. A very deep ditch (already appreciable today) between those who generate content on this platform .

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Those who deliberately throw themselves into the arms China Phone Number. Of “mainstream” content and those who flee from what the masses like to adopt much more alternative approaches. Content creators do not want to be slaves solely and exclusively to advertising to fill their China Phone Number. Coffers on social networks. For this reason, more and more 2.0 platforms are entertaining influencers with alternative monetization options.

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One of those alternative options is paid subscriptions, which China Phone Number have just landed on Instagram on a trial basis, so they are currently available only to a China Phone Number small number of creators. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, has reported the premiere of this new functionality through Twitter. According to Mosseri, subscriptions will help influencers “increase their monthly income.”

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