Instagram Going Strong

Traffic from search (and especially Google) is an important channel for us. Due to a Google update, we and several other b2b publishers had to deal.  With a drop in traffic from search. This just goes to show that you shouldn’t be too dependent on one particular channel. because you can be disadvantaged by an algorithm change from one day to the next. Fortunately, the share of traffic from e-mail and Social media has increased again. Because that’s where our Australia WhatsApp Number List loyal readers and followers are. We are also continuously working on improvements to the site (for example, the page speed) and the blog to improve our search results. Armenia WhatsApp Number List

LinkedIn again social king

Our LinkedIn company page grew this year by a nice 8% to more than 67,000 followers. And to our surprise, the LinkedIn group grew rapidly, growing almost 8% (compared to 5% last year) to 38,800 members. Will LinkedIn indeed give more attention and reach to groups via the algorithm?LinkedIn is the most important traffic driver of all social media for the fourth year in a row. This post about things marketers don’t want to hear anymore scored 526 likes and 74 comments this year.


quality mark & ​​high success rates

Instagram remains a popular social media channel, which is reflected in the popularity of articles about Instagram. The number of followers of our Instagram account grew by 11% this year to 18,500 followers. Our account’s most popular post was about the marketers (with nearly 500 likes). The post about our Social Today event was also highly rated. The number of followers of our Facebook page decreases slightly by just under 1%. The decline in the number of followers has already started in recent years, but the traffic from the platform is more relevant. The question is whether Facebook can still reverse the declining popularity of the platform, or whether it is slowly coming to an end. This post about the marketers had the most reach this year and the runner up about Mailchimp also sparked a heated discussion.

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