Interactive Graphics

Want to make your own beautiful digital game? With you can add text, videos, question/answer on (moving) images. And share it as a link or, for example, integrate it into your site*. Adding interactivity ensures engagement and visual learning without clicking away and getting lost. With you can make games, calendars, infographics, (video) presentations and much more.Interactive graphics and games with Genially. This originally Spanish start-up offers a cool tool for visual interaction with your participants, students, Turkey B2B List colleagues, etc. With the paid upgrade, you have to be careful whether you want to use in education or in business. From approx. 60 euros per year.

5. Lordicon for moving 

Love free illustrations and icons? The V  most famous place is Iconfinder with more than 200,000 free icons and the handy ‘Pay as you go’ rate, from 1.75 euros per element. Iconfinder also has an editor, where you can apply your own corporate colors.


Do you get a little lost in that large Turkey B2B List  amount or are you looking for something dynamic? Then try Lordicon’s animated icons . With 349 moving and more than 2000 static icons, which you can customize to your own house style colors. Conveniently with Lordicon, you can also make the lines of each drawing thicker or thinner, adjust the animation and use an embed code to really integrate them into your site or web store. A paid subscription is 85 euros per year and gives access to another approximately 1700 moving icons.

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