Is It Time for Content Marketers to Abandon Facebook?

Facebook’s noisy, overvalued IPO means they need a better profit model. Page owners Strong Arms cautioned to “promote” posts to a wider reach to the audience Belarus Phone Number List they built up in the first place. This phenomenon is not as new as people think it is. Pages never reach 100% of their subscribers. But a recent algorithm update program appears to have made things noticeably worse. This morning, we’re republishing our post -digital share system , which is the dangerous practice of building your online business on someone else’s. The latest in Facebook’s long line of chaos is just a prime example of what makes for a risky tactic. And the danger won’t stop with Facebook. Social platforms are great tools for expanding your audience. But there are three things I want you to keep in mind if you still want to use Facebook (or you don’t control any platform) to promote your business.

What Facebook Owes You

You might say that you attract a certain number of users to “like” you, thereby helping them build an audience where they can show their spam my display ads. Facebook, much like Honey Badger , doesn’t care. You can keep in mind that the relationship with Facebook is a two-way street. You can keep being disappointed when Facebook pulls another rotten stunt and you’ll get the shaft. Or you can use Facebook for what they are good at – having conversations with people who might become customers. If you can do it without becoming dependent on Facebook, you will do well. Or you might think Facebook isn’t worth it. It’s good, too. Contrary to what some will tell you, not every business “needs” to be on Facebook. You need to make a decision about whether the tool is right for you.

Understand Why People Use the Platform

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Belarus Phone Number List

Some businesses can fit into this pretty well. Health coaches, wedding photographers, and gluten-free loaf cakes are all part of their clients’ personal lives, so using Facebook (discreetly) can work well. With the right information also nonprofits can do well. Organizations at Occupy Sandy (or unorganized, as the case may be) use Facebook and Twitter to quickly recruit volunteers and donate to hurricane relief and Northeast reconstruction. Their network of supporters is incredibly well suited for this. it works. It even works B2B if you have the right brand. Superstar business writer and coach Pam Slim has done a great job of connecting her audience on her Facebook page. you actually rely on Facebook for your business, they’ll change their terms of service in a way that causes you pain. Refer to Principle 1 above. They get tons of shares, opinions and likes. However, this is not translated into business.

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