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In this way, growth actions are ‘democratized’. Everyone can actively participate in it and exert a direct influence on it. The collective intelligence and creativity will take you many times further than if only a few people are able to initiate and Lithuania Phone Number conduct experiments. Everyone within a company should therefore have the opportunity to start experiments. The only thing that doesn’t change is that everything keeps changing Both the challenges and opportunities ahead are greater than ever before. This also results in greater differences. Many large parties are getting bigger and are taking advantage of all the advantages that scale on the internet simply entails. Fortunately, there are opportunities for everyone. In order to find these and actually use them, the use of data and experiments is of decisive importance.

Is Your Business

There must be room for the ‘TikTok generation’. Culture remains the most important weapon that companies have in their hands. 15. Think about how you would attack your company as a competitor and execute it What would you do if you set up a competitor to your current company today? This is an effective method for determining what you should do strategically as a company. There will come a day when someone will, so why not be the one to do it yourself?

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As a hotel chain it is better to be the one who launches AirBnb. Or as a taxi company it is better to be the one who introduces a model like Uber. Sooner or later others will no doubt attack your business. Better to be ahead of them. 16. Experiments as the basis of a growth strategy The interesting thing about experiments is that they could largely also form the basis for a strategy. By constantly testing and using data as a guideline for the optimization and (r)evolution of the business model (including new services, if you double the number of experiments, you’re going to double your inventiveness. -Jeff Bezos In fact, everyone within Amazon should be able to make these kinds of decisions, provided they use data in the right way.

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