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Customer over the course of four months. Advertised benefits range from exclusive discounts and free shipping to rewards in partnership with another brand:  Enchantment the enchantment process is related to the perception of value that the consumer has of the brand. However,  And is not limited to the price or solution that was offered. It has to do with the experience that was provided, which starts with attracting the customer and goes all the way to after-sales. To delight a customer, it is essential to consider all the points of contact he has with the company.

And ensure that his satisfaction has been achieved. One delight strategy is to reward customers for completing surveys about their purchase journey. In addition to feeling that the company cares Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers about the experience they had, customers perceive an added value in the gift received. L’ oréal is an expert at this. For some time now, the french cosmetics multinational has started to focus its marketing strategies on retaining and enchanting its customers. And this happened, mainly, with the creation of l’oréal worth it rewards , a digital loyalty program focused on sharing. L’oréal worth it rewards the platform works with a points mechanism . Users who share l’oreal articles with friends earn 10 points per referral and 25.

Advertised benefits range

Points for each product review written. Five points acquired in the loyalty program can be redeemed for a us$1 discount on branded products. In this way, it encourages consumers to publicize the company on their own social networks and also receives important feedback about its products and services. With this, the brand can predict improvements based on the opinions of consumers engaged and delighted with the company. Once that happens, there are no limits to where the brand can go. Meet minu: the right rewards marketing platform for your business you can understand that rewards marketing is essential for any.

Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers

Business looking to stand out from the competition, right? Now that you know the Main strategies for your sales funnel, the next step is to choose the ideal digital Rewards platform for your business. Minu has been working for over 13 years helping Companies to relate to their customers through customized solutions for each Business.

Minu has been working

Nowadays, it is very common to use technology in favor of businesses . It works as a resource to stand out in the market and be a competitive differential , since knowing and understanding your consumers is essential to stand out from the competition . It is in this context that the proposal to integrate your marketing automation tool to your crm arises . However, Crms are systems that organize and record the points of contact between the consumer and the company, personalized. However, But in order for the tracking of the entire process to take place, it needs the help of technology .

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