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There are also more and more Italy Phone Number that were previously not (technically) possible. The lazy Italy Phone Number community In addition to the flat buying and selling of content and artworks, you also see a new trend emerging: communities. The best example of this is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. All Italy Phone Number of one of the Bored-Apes, which on average sell for a few million each, can become a member. Many owners even buy a Bored Ape to join this community. Monkey owners Italy Phone Number their own monkey their Twitter photo as a sort of status symbol.

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In addition, they also get a Italy Phone Number of benefits with their property: access to a Discord group for other owners, access to virtual merchandise drops, and free additional NFTs. NFTs Italy Phone Number all this (technically) possible and I think this is going to be very big not only next year, but also beyond. Play to earn blockchain games In my trend blog about crypto I also wrote about another cool trend within blockchain / NFTs: the ‘play to earn blockchain games’ (P2E). Because Italy Phone Number wouldn’t want to make money playing games? For example, Louis Vuitton has launched its own online NFT game and the most famous P2E game.

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Axie Infinity, has already made $1.6 billion . Players in Italy Phone Number such as the Philippines and Indonesia are now playing these games. Because they earn more money than regular work. Also within NFT Italy Phone Number are new developments every week. LOOT is really a revolutionary thing in this. The creator of VINE created 8000 ‘LOOTbags’, put them online and all were claimed for Italy Phone Number in no time. They have all turned out to be ‘conversation starters’. All kinds of communities of fans, artists and creatives are currently looking at future creations. It is inspired by how the well-known Marvel spent billions developing all kinds.

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