Top 4 Instagram Marketing Trends 2022 Just a Few Days

Just a few days left until the New Year, knocking on the door of the next New Year! Who can attract consumers to this trend-driven market flow has become more successful. In this article, we are going to tell you about Instagram, a major social marketing platform, as one of those successful entrepreneurs. As for Instagram, it has recently announced a number of new changes that support businesses. These include exciting innovations such as the introduction of SHOP, the ability to connect chatbots to DM or Instagram messages, and the wider use of Reels. After all, Instagram, which had 800 million users in 2017, has grown to 1 billion users in just one year. However, this number will continue to grow and will reach 1.2 billion by 2023. The following statistics seem to confirm this success.

Dm Direct Message or Instagram Message Automation

Even instagram stories can be automated now. Awesome! Let’s get acquainted with the best trends of instagram next year and walk together.Dm (direct message) or instagram message automation. As you can see from the statistics below, instagram’s goal of promoting customer-business relationships continues. The top 2 reasons millions of users send messages to businesses are simply to Canada WhatsApp Number List inquire about. The product and get customer help! With this in mind, businesses have begun using chatbot. Automation to better manage their communication loads. Instagram chatbots have become an important tool for reducing. The burden of communicating with thousands of users, such as answering popular questions and ordering online. An instagram chatbot is customer support. According to a statista study, 18% of social media users worldwide wait for an immediate response. While 28% wait only an hour.

The Growth of Message Advertising Trend in 2022

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In other words, the user clicks a button and sends a message. JUST NOW! This means that you need an immediate response in less than a second and help solve the problem. This may require additional sales staff or sales consultants. However, it is possible to ensure 100% on Instagram chatbot. By answering 100, 1000, and 10000 customer questions with common questions such as price and address, and double automatically confirming their order, it is a key tool to be a part or all of your sales. Gaining new hints: Creating new hints or new customers who are likely to make future purchases is also an effort.

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