Labor Market Problems

Challenging times ahead for Dutch employers, handy Chrome extensions to work smarter and faster and striking tech trends to keep an eye on. You’ll find this – and more – in the top 10 most read articles on Frankwatching of September!1. 15 Useful Chrome Extensions to Work Smarter & FasterYou can’t come up with such a crazy idea, or there turns out to be a Chrome extension for it. But which Chrome extensions help you Senegal Phone Number List work smarter, faster, or more productively ? Elsemieke collected (and tried) all the tips for useful Chrome extensions from her Frankwatching colleagues and the favorites from the community.2. Employers in the Netherlands will have a big problem [labour market trends 2022] Which labor market and recruitment trends can you expect for 2022 ? Arjan offers a preview in this article. He predicts tough times, so you better be well prepared.



3. Go beyond the crowd 

Do you want to ensure that customers Senegal Phone Number List  want to continue to receive your newsletter in the long term? Do you want to ensure that your mailings do inspire and motivate? Get good ideas based on these 5 examples of rock-solid newsletters .4. Gartner predicts: 3 tech trends to watch in the coming yearsNFTs, digital people and  sovereign cloud : which techniques can you expect to become mainstream in the coming years? And which trends are driving those techniques? In this article, I’ll update you on Gartner ‘s new Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies5. Neuromarketing & Snollebollekes: why left to right is better than the other way around Looking at the Snollebollekes advertising from a neuromarketing perspective gives a fundamental insight that Jaguar doesn’t adhere to, but FedEx does. And as soon as you know this, you can Senegal Phone Number List  make your marketing even more effective. Tim Zuidgeest explains why it is better not to go from right to left in a logo or advertisement .

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6. Brain hacks: break through 

How would you like it if you were happier, less stressed, listened  Senegal Phone Number List better and relaxed more often? And what if you could achieve that with a coin, your thumb, a rubber band and a red sweater? So no days-long retreat, studying thick books or months of coaching. That sounds too good to be true, right? But there are brain hacks that can already give you a lot of results .


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