Leadership and Empathy

The other needs your leadership. You are the leader in the conversation and the customer uses your expertise. You set the agenda and direct the conversation.Make a real connection with your interlocutor. The other person may have followed you online for a long time before requesting the interview. Get to know your potential customer. The more expensive your offer will be in the conversation, the more important it is that you have a real connection with the other person. So prepare well for the interview. If you do this and know how to conduct a sales conversation well, you only need 1 or Malta WhatsApp Number List a maximum of 2 conversations to get the final ‘yes’ to your offer.

Right person

So research beforehand what you can find online about him Malta WhatsApp Number List or her. Read through the website, view the social profiles. What is going on in his or her life and company, what questions does the person ask about this online?Be yourself, show genuine empathy for the problems and most of all, listen carefully. Intervene in the sales conversation. An example of an intervention could be that if a potential customer does not do anything about his problem, he or she can get burnout, which means that he or she can no longer work and becomes sick. This naming is going to make all the difference. You do such an intervention during the conversation and not only at the end of your conversation. Make sure you tell this intervention from the truth. As a result, customers are prepared to take action and they see that they really need you.

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4. Parry’s objections

The more expensive, the greater the Malta WhatsApp Number List chance that you will receive a number of objections from the customer after you have made your offer. These objections are not bad and may be necessary to conduct the sales conversation even better. In your sales conversation you will parry these objections. In fact, before the objections are even mentioned, you have already broken them during the conversation Sharing these experiences on your website and on social media channels shows your future customer that your offer really works.

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