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Indicate in advance that the reader UK Phone Number pay attention to such keywords. This way they can work in a more targeted way and you increase the text quality. Keep it simple and look for synonyms Our brain is UK Phone Number in such a way that we quickly fall into a number of clichés. After all, it is easier to repeat specific words than to keep searching through our abundant vocabulary. That working memory already has enough other things ‘on its mind’. All the more reason for humanity to UK Phone Number part of that working memory in digital systems. Likewise for finding matching synonyms.

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Nowadays, there are plenty of online UK Phone Number that can give (up-and-coming) writers a helping hand. Language is not everyone’s thing, but almost all of us do write . That is why websites such as and can offer the ideal solution. Did you know, for example UK Phone Number there are almost six other alternatives available for the word ‘yet’? Also read: Not everyone understands B1 level: make your text understandable [3 tips] Are the synonyms sneaking in? Change the sentences! The disadvantage of sneaky words is that they manage to flood literally written UK Phone Number and other textual expressions.

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They sneak further and further into UK Phone Number construction as you progress (or continue writing) the sentences. The same principle applies to the synonyms you use from the tip above. Rather, they UK Phone Number be an answer to the keywords themselves. How the tables have turned! So catch yourself early on the synonyms of sneaky words that manage to nestle in a text. When such a synonym – call one ‘however’ – occurs too often, it helps to completely change the UK Phone Number structure. Indicate which information should definitely appear in the text. Then get creative to get rid of any kind of catchphrase once and for all.

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