Live Commerce: It’s Showtime!

Things can go fast. In the US, this market is already expected to exceed 25 billion by 2023. Facebook already launched the Facebook Live Shopping Fridays last year . Amazon is also experimenting a lot in this area. With its own streaming platform that Kazakhstan B2B List  hosts daily shows about fitness . Cooking and makeup, the possibilities are endless.

5. B2B will continue to grow

Of course, many developments take place  Kazakhstan B2B List everywhere. But specifically for B2B, many companies are still at the beginning. Many companies still struggle . With the collaboration between marketing and sales, and also often have to  Kazakhstan B2B List contend with complex customer journeys.

Kazakhstan B2B List


It is precisely these complex customer Kazakhstan B2B List  journeys that cause different types of challenges. Because a decision is often not made after a single statement, 2 telephone calls or a website visit, it is very important to measure the impact of all components properly where possible. Collecting the right data is important to continue  Kazakhstan B2B List optimizing.

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