More Secure Passwords

The disadvantage of secure passwords is that it is difficult to come up with one for every online service and then enter it again and again. In the browser you can leave that to Chrome or Firefox if you think it is safe. But on your smartphone it can quickly become a hassle to enter a complex string. The harder it is, the more likely you are not going to Iceland Phone Number List  do it. How then? Mackaaij gives a few useful tips:


Do not use a password , 


A sentence that does not appear Iceland Phone Number List  anywhere, so something like ‘dekrkdlvliegtoverdesfa.’ Do not use your name or the name of the service where you want to log in. And preferably no words that are in a dictionary. Make sure to do this again for each shift.Enable two-factor authentication if a service offers it. This means that you have to do something additional in addition to your login, such as generating a code via Iceland Phone Number List  Google Authenticator or confirming with a fingerprint that it is really you who wants to log in.

use a passphrase .


When answering security questions, don’t do it literally . Suppose a service asks if security questions the name of your first  Iceland Phone Number List pet and primary school, then that data can be social engineered , in other words: the art of manipulating people to get confidential data. In a conversation it is not strange to come up with pets or a primary school. And such information can sometimes also be obtained from your social Iceland Phone Number List  media profile or posts. So it is better to answer the question for a name with a crazy word or a complex passphrase. Even safer and easier is to use a password manager . This is a service that generates very complex passwords for you, unique for each service, and which you enter when you have to log in on your laptop, smartphone or, for example, tablet. Now you only need to remember one password, that of your password manager. That is immediately a very important one. In the book you can read how you can use Bitwarden , an open-source app for this.

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