Nit Boom or Crack?

It seems that if you haven’t made NFT yet as a creative, you don’t belong anymore. My social feeds are full of enthusiasts who mint (make), sell and buy the NFTs. Earlier I wrote about the great possibilities, for both makers and companies. Where with Web1.0 companies made and earned content and the current Web2.0 people create content and companies earn from it, with Web3.0 I see that people not only create content, but also start earning real Belize Phone Number List  money from it. NFTs play a key role in this. In my view, NFTs will really have a major impact on the art, fashion, music and sports worlds. Not only the large companies such as VISA , Disney and Adobe that are getting started with this, are piling up. There are also more and more possibilities that were previously not (technically) possible.

The lazy monkey community

In addition to the flat buying and selling of Belize Phone Number List  content and artworks, you also see a new trend emerging: communities. The best example of this is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. All owners of one of the Bored-Apes, which on average sell for a few million each, can become a member. Many owners even buy a Bored Ape to join this community.

boom or crack

Monkey owners make their own monkey their Belize Phone Number List Twitter photo as a sort of status symbol. In addition, they also get a number of benefits with their property: access to a Discord group for other owners, access to virtual merchandise drops, and free additional NFTs. NFTs makes all this (technically) possible and I think this is going to be very big not only next year, but also beyond.

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