Chance Of Winning the Buy Box

That is why we participate in initiatives such as the Skill Passport. The ultimate goal is to translate the knowledge and skills acquired during your work into a skill language, with which a better match can be made between the job and employee profile. We also want to support our people, continuous learning with a growth mindset . It is important to stay fit for your job; for your personal development and for the organization.” Show what kind of company you are! Provide passion and quality to be attractive to and retain talent The leadership journey “Digitalization – and with it the HR Employee experience – has received a major boost. The challenge is to make systems more intuitive for our people, to equip them with digital skills, attractive digital learning methods. As far as I’m concerned, priority remains a coherent application landscape, with a single point of entry for the user.

Of Winning the Buy Box

There are major challenges for managers. I am thinking of our annual talent, development and performance interview, as a replacement for the assessment interview. The manager talks to the employee about talent development and ‘the day after tomorrow’, the future. Diversity and inclusivity is other essential topic. There is a lot of polarization, not immersing yourself in the other person, finding something to do with everything, looking for Ukraine Phone Number boundaries in how you deal with each other: as a manager you have an essential role in this. Crisis management means looking beyond from A to B (after all, C is also an option in times of change). On the one hand there is the here and now, on the other hand there is the future, think in scenarios. That requires something different from, in particular, the skills of senior management. We have created a leadership journey for them, with strategic themes aimed at inspiring and connecting leadership.


Winning the Buy Box

Finally, the theme of Hybrid works. This involves, among other things, giving trust, gaining freedom, taking responsibility and being accountable. In 2022 we will balance the best of before Covid (working in the office) and during Covid (working from home). And that is trying, falling, getting up and going again. The driving force is maintaining a dialogue with each other, with respect for each other’s wishes.” Cees Ridder: Bind and cuff! Portrait Cees RidderThe Skill Passport to which Annelies Leveling refers is in line with the developments that Cees Ridder sees.  “Development in the workplace will become even more important in 2022. Many companies are already focusing on ‘lifelong learning’ , whereby the employer invests in the growth of its employees.

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