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Not surprisingly  45% of centennials  who pride themselves Mexico Phone Number on being champions of authenticity. Believe that there is excessive pressure on social media to fly the flag of perfection  according to a recent GWI study . The report  in which GWI put 9,000 Mexico Phone Number. Social media users between the ages of 16 and 64 under scrutiny in seven different markets. Shows that Generation Z is more likely than other age groups to account for the pressure that exists in Mexico Phone Number social networks for being (artificially) perfect .

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Centennials also show a greater predisposition than other generations to commit to authenticity on 2.0 platforms. Where they believe that people should Mexico Phone Number appear more real and  in this sense. Free themselves from the clutches of “posturing”. Perhaps for this reason  Generation Z is also less likely than other age groups to try at all costs to impress others on social networks and also reports a greater propensity to give wings to their feelings (100% genuine) in these Mexico Phone Number channels.

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This does not mean  however  that centennials are the only champions of authenticity on social networks. And that the rest of the generations are rather ambivalent in this regard on these Mexico Phone Number platforms. A Bazaarvoice report concludes that social media users believe that the most authentic.  And genuine content on these channels is signed by subject matter experts and not by celebrities or influencers.

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