Older Target Group

If you want to reach an older audience with your marketing, do you use an advertisement in the local newspaper, an advertisement on television or a letter in the letterbox? All possible, but when it comes to targeting an older audience, organizations often ignore digital marketing. Because they have the idea that it only works for younger audiences…This is a missed opportunity, because older people can also be found online more often these days. They learn to Kuwait Phone Number List use social media, find their way in the apps and watch more and more online video. Research shows that no less than 68% of the so-called ‘boomer generation’ watch online videos. Digital marketing, and especially online video, is proving to be a good way to grab the attention of an older generation. All you need to know is how best to do that. That’s why I’m sharing 6 concrete tips.

1. Don’t Emphasize Age

The assumption is often that the elderly feel addressed by Kuwait Phone Number List peers and topics related to ‘aging’. This is true to some extent, with the main problem being the emphasis on the negative aspects of aging.86% of older people prefer that ads and videos are contemporary and focus on the positive aspects of aging. So give your videos a positive tone of voice.


Speak the same language

While younger target groups respond to abstract, colorful design  Kuwait Phone Number List and hip language, older target groups are more concerned with the underlying message of the video. This doesn’t mean it has to be a tight, monotonous video. On the contrary. Use humor and emotion in your videos, but make sure that they fit the target group that you appeal to.

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