Online marketing

What will happen in 2022 in the field of online marketing? Which components deserve a lot of attention . where are the greatest opportunities? Just like Indonesia B2B List  the past 12 years, I look back on the most important developments of the past year and give my vision on the most important online marketing trends for the coming year.

Brief review: what happened

When looking back at the past year, corona is also Indonesia B2B List  reviewed again. The influence of the virus was again great in the past year: many developments have accelerated due to the arrival of corona. And not least in the online field.

within online marketing

Many of these developments are clearly  Indonesia B2B List reflected in Google ‘s annual Year In Search overview. The strong growth in searches for companion animals, for example, is striking. During a year where we spent a lot of time indoors, it seemed like a great time for many people to welcome a pet. Entrepreneurship was also clearly strongly encouraged in the past year. It is nice to see that in 2021 there was more search worldwide for ‘how do you start a company’ than for ‘how do I find a job’.

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