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Organic traffic going to a 3xx or non-indexed page. Double slash in the url. Let’s dive into the actions you can take as a small business owner to improve your rankings, as well as . The importance of technical seo. Why is technical seo important for a business? Look at the following graph: seo chart this graph shows a sharp and sudden drop in organic search traffic. The business impact of a sudden drop in traffic is often significant. Even so, and the mistake that has caused this recession on many . Occasions is a most innocent mistake.

For example, a web developer who has blocked web access in a robots.txt file. Or, in other cases, redirects that have not been successful during a domain migration or cms transfer. Technical seo avoids these falls. In addition, there are a series of steps that allow you to improve your online . Positioning. Quick guide to technical seo for small businesses now that you know what technical seo is. You should know that there are more than 100 different factors to take into account when evaluating . A website with respect to positioning. But which ones are important to small businesses?

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Guide with 10 key points that you should Ivory Coast Phone Number take into account when evaluating . The seo of a web page. Sign in to google search console install an ssl certificate try the robots.txt file . Create a sitemap of your website use images in webp format fix 404 errors select a web hosting plan optimize the homepage title tag check the security of the website take advantage of browser caching 1. Access google search console google search console is a free tool that allows small business owners to improve. The performance of their business website. Key technical features include the ability to check indexing statut. , troubleshoot potential issues, and measure website performance.

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That is, something like a direct communication channel between the company and google. Thanks to this tool, web owners will be able to share information . With google about which pages to index and what incidents related to the web have been solved. For its part, google. Will send notifications to the owners of the web regarding possible errors that must be solved. First task: access google search console and take advantage of all. The information that the tool provides as soon as possible. 2. Install an ssl certificate search engines prioritize web security and user protection.

Google Announced That Https

Would be used as a ranking signal to encourage more websites to install . Certificates and adopt https to help keep users safe. Implementing an ssl certificate places a lock icon. Next to your page url, creating a secure connection for your customers. Without an ssl certificate, users who want to access your website will receive a warning in their browser that “this connection is not secure”. Second task: create a secure website in the eyes of both web . Browsers and your visitors by installing an ssl certificate . 3. Try the robots.txt file a robots.txt file tells search engine . Crawlers which pages or files may or may not be indexed.

Its goal is to reduce load requests from crawlers. However, sometimes a misconfigured robots. Txt file can prevent a website from appearing in search results. For example, marking in wordpress . That search engines do not index that site, a “disallow” directive will be added to the robots.txt file of your website. This will tell the search engine not to access that particular file or page. And, in this way, it will not appear as a result in search engines. Task 3: make sure the urls are not blocked from access by testing the robots.txt file in google’s robots.txt tester .

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