Perspective & Show Empathy

The entire sales conversation should revolve around the transformation you can bring your customers to. Where are they when you have the conversation? What is the current situation they are in now? It is important to bring out the real pain points in the other person. Also tell them what will happen if they don’t change it.By showing them the truth during the conversation. Your future customer knows that something really needs to be Macedonia WhatsApp Number List done now to solve the pain points or problems. That’s why they spring into action. You will notice that this part of the conversation alone is already very valuable for your future customer. You really woke him up and the conversation has already had a huge impact for the other person.


Offer perspective

Once the pain points have been highlighted (such as insufficient customers, too little turnover, finding it difficult to be visible) it is important that you show how you can help Macedonia WhatsApp Number List them solve the problem. What does your offer actually bring them and more importantly: what other perspectives do you see for this person? It is precisely by offering them a broad perspective that they see that they can achieve much more. An example of this is that you teach them to get better customers with a different revenue model , so that they earn more in less time. More than they’ve ever thought about. This makes your offer super attractive later in the conversation, because they will see that they can grow even further than they thought.

Macedonia WhatsApp Number List

 The conversation alone is already

Then you look at what could help the customer to actually achieve this growth. Don’t just name your solutions. In particular, show them what these solutions will bring them in terms Macedonia WhatsApp Number List of time, money, status, relationships and/or health.

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