Play to Earn Blockchain Games

In my trend blog about crypto I also wrote about another cool trend within blockchain / NFTs: the ‘play to earn blockchain games’ (P2E). Because who wouldn’t want to make money playing games? For example, Louis Vuitton has launched its own online NFT game and the most famous P2E game, Axie Infinity, has already made $1.6 billion . Players in countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia are now Eritrea B2B List  playing these games because they earn more money than regular work. Also within NFT there are new developments every week. LOOT is really a revolutionary thing in this.

Stablecoins on the chain

They have all turned out to be ‘conversation starters’. All kinds of communities Eritrea B2B List of fans, artists and creatives are currently looking at future creations. It is inspired by how the well-known Marvel spent billions developing all kinds of sci-fi films. Hundreds of writers and artists received money and came up with ideas for the films, where eventually a combination of all ideas was actually produced. LOOT does not want to do this top-down, but directly with the virtual community.


The coming year can’t go wrong in my opinion, with the great drive with which many people continue to develop the NFT ecosystem. A lot of news is still about the insane amounts that are sometimes paid for NFTs, such as $533 million that was supposedly deposited for a CryptoPunk. The great thing about many blockchains is that everything is transparent, so you can also make big data analyzes around the earnings. Then you see that only 2% of NFTs sold are sold for more than $600 and the majority of the large sums end up in the pockets of just 50 artists.

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