Power to the People!

Decentralization remains the magic word in many developments. In more and more areas, we see not only the call for the return of certain power to the user/citizen. But also the launch of blockchain solutions that make this possible. The decentralized storage of big data. No longer in the ‘wallet gardens’ of the ‘big tech companies’ .Putting power and sovereignty back in the hands of makers, owners, small organizations and citizens. What we are now seeing in  the major developments around NFTs and DeFi.Fractional ownership through ‘fantokens’ such as those of Ajax, PSV and Fortuna Sittard and real estate, such as with the Amsterdam Bolthouse . It all fits into the next phase of the development of the Internet: Web3.0, built on a decentralized architecture. Cambodia Phone Number List

Fortune favors the bold

We are looking forward to a very  cool blockchain year. I’m really looking forward to all the developments that I don’t see coming at all. It has become clear with all developments that these are often started by the brave, great thinkers. We’ll see if the courage of many of them will be rewarded in the coming year.

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Cambodia Phone Number List

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