Presenting Catchy

Smart computers then search and find all useful content, summarize it and propose priorities. Then they send this package to “the human” who spends most of his time choosing a catchy presentation form for that cold data, adding the personal “touch” of the sender, selecting a tone that suits the audience and highlighting the  Croatia Phone Number List most newsworthy or telling example.

unbridled eagerness to learn

The great thing about computers and robots is: the more Croatia Phone Number List o ften you use them, the faster they learn. A robot that has read thousands of texts in a certain tone of voice , you have to correct less and less often in terms of style. He thrives on an unbridled eagerness to learn. All the more reason to really see the robot as a colleague – and to see yourself as its coach. You can teach him the tricks of the trade not only in terms of word choice and style, but also in terms of creative inspirations he can use the necessary help.

As soon as robots step onto the editorial floor, it makes us better editors, better colleagues and better coaches.

Rosy picture of the future

To be honest, I see a bright future ahead of me. Croatia Phone Number List  Artificial intelligence will ensure that communication professionals have more and more time for creating or finishing creative content. The preliminary work (the research) will be more effective than ever, making our added value increasingly clear. There will come a time when computers and robots prepare the content for us in such a way that we only need to approve, sharpen or make the content attractive for the target group: people of flesh and blood as a kind of editor-in-chief.

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