Prevent Duplicate Content

The biggest downside to Shopify is the fact that duplicate content pages are created very quickly. Sometimes even automatically and without your knowledge. If the search engine does not know what the canonical is (this indicates what the original URL is, to avoid duplicate content), Google will determine whether the page contains duplicate content.   Shopify creates duplicate content pages not only for product pages but New Zealand Phone Number List also for the “collections” pages. So you can have at least two URLs for the same product. Namely:


That not only impacts the crawling of the pages, but also any loss of backlink authority if the backlink points to the wrong URL. Also in  New Zealand Phone Number List the internal link structure there is no linking to a canonical page. This can be solved by adjusting product-grid-item-liquid . If you find this difficult, ask your developer to make this adjustment. Daniel Hukkelhoven, co-founder at Made by Mouses and Shopify expert explains: “If a product is in multiple collections, you get multiple URLs for the same product. They all have a canonical URL to the correct /products/product-name URL, but all links and navigation go to URLs that you really don’t want indexed. This can be adjusted in the theme, but we noticed that the latest Shopify New Zealand Phone Number List  Dawn theme has now been adjusted by default and all links go to the

short product URLs.”

You can test your robots.txt file here . Pay New Zealand Phone Number List  close attention to what adjustments you make. It can have a major impact on your rankings. Even large companies have caused a lot of trouble because of erroneous robots.txt files. Think of a general disallow, which meant that the entire site was no longer crawled. As a result, you dropped or disappeared in the ranking or adding a disallow on a ‘*?’ parameter, which can cause you to lose value on a backlink. Don’t want to take the risk? Then ask a developer with Shopify experience to adjust this for you. 

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