Product From Product Variants

Do you sell different variants of a product, such as blue pants and white pants? Then these separate variants will not be seen by Google, because Shopify gives these separate pages a canonical link to the main product. Do you see that visitors are  Oman Phone Number List specifically looking for white pants? Then make sure that this becomes a separate product.

4. Using Structured Data

The good news is that Shopify (often) uses the product schema for the product pages by default. It is also advised to also provide the collections page  Oman Phone Number List with product structured data. The best way to do this is to use an @graph object. Click here for an example. Then you have made a nice schedule. How can you best implement this?   You can also load an article and FAQ structured data via Google Tag Manager. But in order to pass on everything properly, I still recommend outsourcing this to a developer. Otherwise you can use an app  . But with costs of 15 to 30 dollars per month, you can pay off the costs of a developer faster.

Oman Phone Number List
Oman Phone Number List

5. Improve speed

The advantage of Shopify is that it uses Oman Phone Number List  Fastly’s CDN by default. This means that the content is retrieved from the nearest server. Still, the Shopify stores aren’t the fastest. This can be improved by the following points.

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