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I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Our UAE Phone Number unconsciously register these words as negative. To make your sentence come across stronger, it is better to use fewer words: I’m really looking UAE Phone Number to the weekend. Add extra force to this sentence? Then use the word ‘whole’ or place a ! I’m really looking forward to the weekend! Editorial frustrations When I ask my editorial colleagues what language they get the itch from, the answer (besides passive and UAE Phone Number language) is clear: anno medi can no longer be ignored. The developments surrounding are going very fast.

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Due to the digital transformatioWe UAE Phone Number guarantee that you will never come across the above examples on but they are in any case removed more often during the final editing than they UAE Phone Number Feel free to share if you come across a language annoyance somewhere here. What is your language frustration? Share it in the comments below! You may have heard that it is smart to change an amount from € 5 to € 4.99. Because the number before the decimal point is reduced and the price is not rounded, our brain unconsciously associates it with cheap. Lowering UAE Phone Number price isn’t always a smart move.

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With high-end products or services, you UAE Phone Number want to avoid the association with cheap. Rounding a price to a round number or something that ends in 99 seems a bit like finger work. In that case, it UAE Phone Number more credible if you use a price of, for example, 7992 instead of 8000. And why are there no euro signs and decimals? Because when seeing a currency symbol such as €, the brain perceives the price as higher. Just like seeing more numbers and UAE Phone Number marks, like 7,992.89 or even 7,993.00. Then the reader gets the idea that the price is of a higher category than it actually is.sneaked in by sneak words YES! On Friday you can request a STAP budget up to €1,000 (incl. VAT). Register soon.

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