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Since . Mark graban has worked to help startups learn to go lean. Reducing overhead costs without sacrificing safety. Quality or their morals. In addition to that. The lean startup podcast offers sound advice on leadership and team development. . The full ratchet the full ratchet unless you’ve got your own backing Canada Phone Number  or you’re bootstrapping a startup. You’re going to need capital. For many entrepreneurs that means a vc or angel investor. How much simpler would life be for you if you could get into their heads and understand what makes them tick. How they think. What they’re looking for and why they turn down startups? With regular episodes being published. The full ratchet interviews vc and investor veterans to 

Give startups insight into the process so they can improve their odds with acquiring funding. . Rocketship rocketship rocketship.Fm has more than  interviews with world-class entrepreneurs. With each episode. They dig into the issues that matter most for startups. Including product development. Canada Phone Number  Sales tactics. Team development. Strategy for growth. Culture. Vision and marketing. It’s a must listen for every startup founder. No matter the stage of your launch. . Product people product people while a number of the episodes do focus on software and web-based products. Any product-focused entrepreneur can glean information applicable to a model that manufactures or deals in tangible or consumer packaged goods. 

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The hosts of product people. Kyle fox and justin jackson. Focus on providing advice around development. Design and product marketing. . Product hunt radio product hunt radio Canada phone number product hunt radio isn’t your typically podcast focused on helping startups grow. Instead of providing actionable advice. Host ryan hoover instead highlights new product-focused startups. This is a great opportunity to see how other products have grown. How they launch. How they position their usp and how they market themselves. 

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Above all else. It’s a great way to find products – particularly saas products – that can be used to help you grow your own startup. . Build & launch build & launch each week. Build & launch host justin jackson sits down to talk about the process of building and launching new products. For any product-focused Canada Phone Number  e ntrepreneur in the early or pre-launch stages. The first season of the show is a must listen. You’re guaranteed to come across things you hadn’t considered. And it can save an entrepreneur from making some of the most common mistakes. It’s an a+ show for saving you from a lot of time wasted on trial and error. And that’s why it made it onto my list of these best podcasts. .

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 Design details design details design details hails itself as “a show about the people who design our favorite products”. For a product-focused entrepreneur. This show is pure brain food. Covering everything from physical product development to the long and tedious process of building teams and launching Canada Phone Number  both digital and physical products. The interviews are highly diverse from all manner of industries. And cover topics including working with freelancers. Prototyping. Design processing. Building a corporate culture. Handling criticism. Remote work. Finding inspiration and so much more.

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