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Betting on “stories”  brands look for ways to Denmark Phone Number. Generate content that simultaneously captures and maintains the attention of the audience. In 2020, the “tap-through rate” (the percentage of people who move from one piece of content to another) Denmark Phone Number on Instagram Stories was 68%. On the other hand it should be noted that stories with still images seem to work . Slightly better than those that choose to be sheltered under the content in video format .

As For The Trends That Are Currently

Small Denmark Phone Number accounts with up to 5,000 followers get 10.4% reach on static stories and 9.37% on animated stories. However accounts with more than 100,000 followers . That use video in stories achieve slightly Denmark Phone Number higher reach (5.03%) than stories with a still image (4.95%). Another of the “insights” extracted from the Socialinsider. Report is that in static stories users move faster to the next piece of content.

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On The Crest Of The Wave On The Internet

While in “stories” with movement, people abandon the consumption of this format more quickly. “That’s why we’re thrilled to Denmark Phone Number partner with Netflix to put benches in parks across the country, inscribed with that crucial phrase from the series to help people have those conversations and show that it’s normal to Denmark Phone Number have those feelings ,” he concludes.

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