Recycle Your Password? Do Not!

If you sign up for a newsletter or an e-book, an easy-to-guess password is not such an issue. After all, if someone discovers that, you run little risk. It becomes dangerous if you also use the same password for other sites. And especially if you use the password of your main email address in more places, you run a risk. After all, via that e-mail address you Denmark Phone Number List  can access a lot of valuable information and you can reset other passwords. If you have forgotten your password for a service, the reset link will be sent to your email address. Anyone who can access it has access to many services.

 with a new password

Now you may think that a hacker collective Denmark Phone Number List  in a faraway country is not after your digital life. Maybe not. But if there are files for sale with combinations of email addresses and passwords, it’s very easy to see which of those combinations work in more important places than the login for a newsletter. And then you may be out of luck.

 new password

It is regularly announced that data has been  Denmark Phone Number List stolen or leaked from an organization. LinkedIn, Adobe, Decathlon, Booking, Transavia to name a few. Check out Have I been Powned to see if your email address has ever been implicated in such a leak. Mackaaij describes in ‘Watch out for your passwords’ how organizations sometimes handle passwords very carelessly , such as passwords that are contained in a file in plain text.

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