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And one of the most popular formats Brazil Phone Number on this platform. The “stories” , has managed to capture the hearts of brands, whose fondness for this type of content does not stop hitting the growth spurt. According to a recent study by Socialinsider , 6 Brazil Phone Number out of 10 brands are already kneeling in front of stories, which not in vain accumulated a third of advertising impressions on Instagram during the first half of 2021.

Talent In The Network Of Networks

Even so, despite the fact that the «stories» make the Brazil Phone Number brands more and more tilín, the truth is that their scope is still much lower than that of the posts in the «feed». The data available to Socialinsider concludes that stories achieve only about half the Brazil Phone Number reach of conventional feed posts . And not only that. Your mid-range shrinks as the number of followers increases. For example, small accounts with less than 5,000 followers achieve an average reach Brazil Phone Number of 16.85% on posts in the «feed».

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The Ages Of 18 And 44 Believe

While that reach decreases to 8.43% in the case of «stories». Along the same lines, accounts with more than 100,000 “followers” ​​at their side achieve an average Brazil Phone Number reach of 8.53% in posts and 5.30% in “stories”. Static “stories” are slightly more efficient than stories that rely on moving images In the spirit of making their content more diverse on Instagram , brands are posting more stories than ever before, and their average number of posts is around 15-16 a month

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