Rough and Unpolished

A practical example: to write an appealing speech for a director, I need a lot of information. It has to come from different corners of the company. That data is usually raw and unpolished. As a content creator/speech writer my tasks are: collecting, rewriting, prioritizing, summarizing, structuring, sharpening the target group Costa Rica Phone Number List  and making it suitable for the speaker.

Gathering and shaping

My guess is that a smart computer can definitely help Costa Rica Phone Number List  me with such tasks. Especially when gathering information. Now I regularly have to ask 3 or 4 colleagues for input. If one of them is on vacation, I have to knock on a replacement. In fact, I just need them to point me to where the relevant data is. Everyone I ask has to delve into the subject. It takes a lot of time before I have the right input. Only then can I start ‘designing the content’.


We can effortlessly leave this collecting frenzy  Costa Rica Phone Number List one-on-one to a computer. We simply agree that everyone stores, manages and archives the approved and current information about all projects within the company in one large database. With companies that want to work more and more ‘data-driven’, this will become an increasingly feasible scenario.

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