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Social bakers did a study that showed that top brands and industry leaders such as itunes. Skittles. Red bull. And victoria’s secret posted on facebook at least once per day if not more on Australia Phone Number  average. If you aren’t able to keep up with that demand. How can you get the results you want? So. Where do you begin? First. It’s important to remember that there needs to be as much thought and strategy behind your curation efforts as there is behind your creation efforts. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you curate: focus on industry influencers and thought leaders 

When searching for content add your own thoughts and insights invite the source of the content to the conversation use buzzsumo or another similar tool to find what’s trending Australia Phone Number   consider your audience and your branding and select content that ffits . Give engaged followers the vip treatment vip treatment for social media hacks you may have noticed that some of your followers are more active and more engaged with your brand on social media than others. Think of these folks as vips. They are the ones who are helping you get the return on investment that you are looking for. 

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Their commenting and sharing has a direct and positive impact on your social media influence. Make sure that they know you appreciate their engagement. Here are just a few things you can do to reward your vip followers: if they are trying to establish their own social media presence share and comment on Australia phone number their posts invite them to build up their own following by allowing them to write a guest blog for your website look at their posts and figure out what interests them. Then use that to influence the content that you create and share offer discounts. Rewards or other incentives to followers who share or comment start a hashtag marketing campaign to earn more brand enthusiasts remember that an engaged follower can be converted into a true brand ambassador if you treat them right.

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When run correctly. A hashtag marketing campaign can have an extraordinarily powerful impact. If you haven’t created a hashtag campaign before. Here are some great tips to ensure Australia Phone Number  that your campaign is a success. One example of a successful hashtag marketing campaign is charmin’s tweetfromtheseat campaign. In spite of the fact that some were (ahem) uncomfortable with the campaign. It resulted in the company’s twitter following skyrocketing. . Balance your knowledge and instincts with ‘the rules’ there is advice all over the internet on where and how you should be participating on social media. 

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C knowledge of your niche. Take zara as an example. One common rule of social media marketing is that posts should be customized for each social media platform. This fashion retailer Australia Phone Number  doesn’t do this. Instead. They post the same content to each social media platform where they are present. The consequence of breaking that rule is that they are one of the  most popular brands on facebook. This is why relying on data and your own experiences to determine your approach to social media is key to getting the best results from social media marketing.

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