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Furthermore, it is still possible to retarget with the help of the LinkedIn pixel ( LinkedIn Insight Tag ) or to target promising companies by means of lists. Screenshot of LinkedIn targeting. Google Ads The targeting options have also been  Kazakhstan Phone Number expanded in Google Ads. By adding audiences to your Google Ads campaign, you can target your campaigns to a specific audience or increase bids for a specific audience. In the Google Display Network you have even more options to specify your target group. For example, you can choose that Kazakhstan Phone Number your advertisements are only placed on a number of websites. This is a valuable targeting method if you know which websites your target audience is visiting. Not sure which website your target audience is on? Then the option ‘keywords’ may be suitable.

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This tool shows where your target group is located. Imagine: you own a webshop with games and you want to promote a new football game. Then your target group consists of ‘gamers’, but how do you find them? When you enter into the target group statistics tool via Facebook that you are looking for gamers, the tool shows that this target group consists of unmarried men under 34. And these men like pages such as: Voetbalpremieur and Ubisoft. So now you can start targeting fairly specifically. Screenshot of Facebook targeting. When setting up targeting, you can choose to have your targeting extended by Facebook. If Facebook then ‘thinks’ that you can achieve better results with a broader target group, the budget will be used for this. There could be two reasons for this.

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Your target group is very specific, which means that you have a budget left over while you do want to spend it. Get better results at a lower cost. Facebook explicitly states that the results ‘probably’ will get better. So you have no guarantee on this. That is why it is always advisable to continue to monitor closely. LinkedIn First of all, it is Kazakhstan Phone Number to know that a LinkedIn campaign is suitable if you can segment your target group on work-related variables. This is extremely suitable for the B2B market. Of course, just like with Facebook, you can focus on the standard variables such as location, age and gender. But LinkedIn stands out because you can target on: Employees of a particular company People with a certain function Job groups and skills Look-a-likes from your selected target group This last option is similar to Facebook’s ability to extend your targeting. Again, you must monitor this function closely.

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