B-end product design: design product Sweden Phone Number differentiation characteristics to get rid of homogeneity

Product homogeneity is a real problem that is difficult. For product managers of second and third-tier Internet companies to get rid of. Especially for Internet companies that focus on B-end products.

A question I am often ask is, “Where did Sweden Phone Number your product ideas come from? Did you or your team come up with them?”, mostly by executives or product owners from other companies. Although in different In the scenario, the questioner wants to obtain different information, but I usually answer bluntly: “In the product creation stage, at least 70% or more come from the boss of the company. And I am responsible for the creative implementation and micro-innovation”, before the creative implementation It is necessary to select the endless ideas of enterprises.

The connotation and extension of differentiation

If there are no such products on the market. Product managers need to consider how quickly their products will be cop if they become popular, and there are content barriers. Technical barriers, business model barriers, etc. that affect the speed of plagiarism.

If there are already a large number of such Sweden Phone Number products on the market. What product managers need to consider before launching a product is how to find an entry point in the market, open a gap. And win new competitiveness for the market. As for the speed of plagiarism, it should be the second thing, which can be consider together. But there is a general principle that the value of the product serves the commercial value and the differentiate value goal serves the marketing goal.

Competitive analysis for the purpose of finding breakthrough points

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Understanding of Competitive Analysis:

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When we understand a need for a current mainstream solution, the quickest way is to experience the competition. There are many competing analysis methods. My approach is not to directly copy the various analysis schemes provide by you, such as the classic model analysis method of user experience elements, because these methods are like the specific methods of war, and you have not analyz what you want to fight. What target, what weapon what strategy and tactics are. Just swipe at one shot, and there may not be any substantial gains. Competitive product analysis runs through the entire career cycle of a product manager. If you have been in a state of observation and association anytime, anywhere.

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