Several KPI wrong incentives, please don’t make them again Turkey Mobile Number

In the formulation of indicators, we must follow the principle of “a thousand people and a thousand faces”, and remember that everyone is excessively consequential. For operators with different years, the indicator setting must be changed. At the same time, remember the following principles, indicators are “core” “, “controllable”, “simplified”.

2. Thinking question 2: Is the employee’s emphasis on KPI as strong as you think?

Among the KPIs that Turkey Mobile Number I have experienced and discussed, a large part of employees do not pay much attention to the indicators. On the one hand, rewards and punishments cannot be effectively stimulated, and on the other hand, everyone does not have a good grasp of the indicators.

In terms of punishment, adhere to the principle of “repeated. Not repeated”, the first 60 points of performance, only the department  will be criticized. If you accumulate 2 times, you will be fined 300 yuan. Accumulate 3 times. Deduct all performance of the month, and report to the whole company. Accumulation 4 times, the year-end bonus. Will deducted additionally, and it must be include. In the pre-clearance list. More than 5 times, clear immediately.

1. Penalty system

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The reward system mentioned above, so now let’s discuss the punishment system, please see the following KPI rules:

This is a KPI assessment method with strict penalties. There are only four types of performance pay: none, 60%, 100%, and 120%. Compared with the above-mentioned KPIs of the score category, the lowest score KPI guarantees 60% of the performance salary for employees.

However, compared with kpis based on scores, this “relatively crude. Rule makes employees pay great attention to kpis because the probability. Of deduction is very high. This also shows that “taking other people’s money is more. Memorable than giving others money. So the punishment system is very important to the kpi system.

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