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However, it seems that most Brazil Phone Number and most employees do not want this. We are going to work hybrid . That is just the most difficult variant we can choose. It ‘s exhausting . And what exactly is hybrid working? How do we learn to work, collaborate and communicate in different ways? That is the Brazil Phone Number of the matter for the next 6 months. We have to learn that — probably through trial and error — in order to lay the foundation for the coming years. Misconceptions and pitfalls in hybrid work But beware: there are quite a few misconceptions and pitfalls for Brazil Phone Number operating organizations. And they are by no means always recognized.

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I would also like to list a few of Brazil Phone Number again: Hybrid working is not two days at home and three days in the office or vice versa, or any other combination. Hybrid working is also not Brazil Phone Number working at home and meeting, meeting and collaborating in the office. The office as a glorified clubhouse is too short-sighted. Hybrid working is certainly not hybrid meeting at all . (At VodafoneZiggo they have decided not to hold hybrid meetings at all .) Why? Meetings are not the same as working together and are difficult enough on their own. Hybrid working is also not the same set of Brazil Phone Number and agreements for everyone.

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Photo of person sitting on the floor Brazil Phone Number the couch with laptop on his lap Hybrid working means choosing, on 3 levels So what is hybrid working? I wrote about it before: hybrid working is mainly Brazil Phone Number making choices . In principle, 7 questions are relevant to determine how your hybrid works: Why : what do I want to achieve? What is the purpose of my task or assignment? How : how do I do the work? What agreements and processes are there? What do I work with, which tools, which Brazil Phone Number and systems do I need? Who : who do I work with? In what shape? What are everyone’s needs, expectations and personal preferences?

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