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Small Business Use Reviews to Improve Their Reputation Online? Surprisingly. It Has More to Do with the Review Sites You Use Than Any Other Factor. These 20 Business Review Sites Are the Perfect Places to Start for Your Company. You Can Use Them to Monitor Your Online Reputation. Reach More Customers Online. and Keep Track of What Your Customers Say About You. 1. Angie’s List Angie’s List Started as a Review Site for Local Businesses. Basically. If Someone Needed a Plumber. They Could Look There Since Other Sites Hadn’t Started Using Local Listings Yet. Today. Every Site on the Internet Utilizes Local Listings.

but Angie’s List Has Evolved and Kept Up with  Finland Phone Number Their Competition by Offering Free Memberships to Businesses. Plus Two Paid Plans for More Invested Service. the Main Appeal of Angie’s List Is That They Stick Up for the Consumer. in That Regard. This Review Site Has the Odds Stacked Against You from the Beginning. but Angie’s List Also Acts as an Intermediary Between Customers and Businesses. Specifically with Conflict Resolution. That Means If You Have a Bad Review.

The Site Could Wind Up

Siding with You Instead of an Unfair Customer. All in All. the Best Thing to Do for Angie’s List Is to Run an Honest. Hardworking Business. and for Small Businesses Like Yours. That Shouldn’t Be a Problem. 2. Better Business Bureau the Better Business Bureau Is Probably the Most Well-Known Consumer Advocacy Group in the World. the Bbb Now Helps Customers Find Businesses in Any Us Region. and It Has Diverse Users That Are Valuable to Any Company. Unfortunately. the Bbb Charges Companies to Join It. So If You Want to Be Listed on the Site. You Need to Pay. It’s Also Worth Noting That the Bbb Can’t Tell You What to Do as a Business Owner.

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but Their Recommendations and Public Reach Can Put Pressure on You to Make Changes That the Bbb Would Want to See. That’s Because You Have to Adhere to the Bbb’s Code of Conduct. Which Is Basically a More Stringent Version of Us Advertising and Trade Laws. Still. Getting a Listing on the Bbb Can Be a Big Help to Your Business — Especially Since You Can Display a Badge on Your Site to Show Customers That You Have Integrity. but Ultimately. It’s Up to You Whether Membership in the Bbb — and Accepting Its Terms of Conduct — Is Worth Your Dollar. 3. Bing Places Bing-Places-Site-Reviews Bing Places Is a Convenient Service That Lets You Add Your Company’s Name. Address. Phone Number. and Hours of Operation to Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine.

That May Not Sound Like Much

but Bing Still Controls a Sizeable Amount of the World’s Search Market Share. So Even Though They’re Not Google. You’re Bound to Still Get a Few Customers by Adding Your Information to Bing. Plus. You Can’t Beat the Price — Which Is Nothing! Bing Also Doesn’t Require You to Sign Any Codes of Conduct. and They Won’t Make You Change Anything About Your Business Unless You Violate Their Reasonable Terms of Service. with This Listing. You’ll Show Up in Bing Searches. Bing Maps. and Other Properties. It’s Simply One of the Best Review Sites to Get Your Name Out There. No Matter Where You Operate. 4. Facebook Facebook-Is the Largest Social Network in the World.

If You Don’t Have a Page on It for Your Business. You Need to Create One as Soon as Possible! That Urgency Is Sincere. Too. Facebook Caters to More Than 2.7 Billion Monthly Active Users. of All the Sites on This Page. Facebook Gives You the Widest Variety of Options and Functionality. with a Facebook Page. You Can Directly Address Anyone Who Wants to Know More About Your Business. Your Customers Can Also Leave You Reviews. and If You Want to Respond. You Can Either Do So Publicly or by Sending a Private Message. That May Sound Incredibly Involved — and It Is. but It Gets Even Better! If You Have the Budget.

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