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It’s a bigger industry than Hollywood and the music industry. merge. This is not some player’s fantasy. Esports — video game competition — is going mainstream. If it’s not part of your social media  South Korea Phone Number strategy, you may be missing out. “They don’t understand the market. ” “People have this idea that [esports fans] are unhealthy slackers sitting in a dark room eating Doritos,” said Stasia Gruby, an esports expert at the  South Korea Phone Number Five-to-Five Global Agency. “But it’s like any other social group

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Hard to say. Stacia’s “biggest darling” is people grouping esports fans into one category. Different characters South Korea Phone Number  like different games. “The person playing darts or lawn bowling might not be the same person you yell at at a hockey or soccer game,” she explained. “You need to  South Korea Phone Number understand the nuances, different  South Korea Phone Number personalities are drawn to FIFA or CounterStrike.”  Your country of origin also skews the preference. “We’ve found that Asian communities are drawn to lore and storytelling, like League of Legends or DOTA,” Cameron said. “Australians love first-person shooters – we love the realism, we love the action.”

South Korea Phone Number

According to Cameron, there  South Korea Phone Number are several ways. First, as a simple communication device – like when the game starts and who scores first. Live chat is available during games, similar to  South Korea Phone Number chatting back and forth with your friends over a beer at a football stadium. And then you have professional players — elite-level professional players. The difference is that in esports, everyone is on  South Korea Phone Number a more level playing field. Esports viewers use social media to connect and communicate directly with their gaming heroes. “You pick your favorite sports stars and you can see what they’re up to and talk to them  South Korea Phone Number through social media,” Cameron said. “It helps create a community that really makes people feel more valuable.”




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