Specify How the Prize Must Be Claimed

Just make sure to add some personalization, as well (the person’s name, their website name, how the resource appeals to their audience, etc.) so you don’t Blends in with generic low-level link outreach. Most importantly, be clear about where you think the link should point and on which page it should be (and the supporting rationale above). You want to  Norway Phone Number make adding a link to this person as easy as possible. They shouldn’t be looking for specific sections of their page that might be relevant – it’s all for your benefit. Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 4.12.31 PM Another aspect of message clarity is keeping your outreach emails concise. Likewise, you’re emailing another person with a job and responsibilities, and they don’t have much time to read your link. Avoid confusing the waters by keeping your emails short and focused. Link outreach represents the bulk of your link building efforts, and if you don’t outreach effectively, you won’t get all the links you deserve. Fortunately, sending good outreach isn’t complicated because it only requires two things: empathy and persuasion.

Specify How the Prize Must

Determine how your page solves a problem for your target site’s audience and market your link in this context (this is the most powerful option). To be persuasive you need context, and to get the context you need understanding. Research potential websites thoroughly and you’ll have the necessary knowledge to make your outreach compelling. If you’re ready to start your own link-building campaign, download this free link outreach template  to get started today! Outreach Template Download In addition to audience research, there are some general best practices you should follow. For example, clarity is key – if they don’t know what you’re asking, you can’t convince them. Don’t go around bushes or try to cover your target. Get ahead and be clear about the fact that you want them to link to your site. In fact, I find it most effective to explain within the subject line that you’re submitting a linked resource.

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Specify How the Prize

However, you still need to be persuasive if you want to boost your link outreach and give yourself the best chance of success. Decent outreach gets responses, compelling outreach gets links The difference between good outreach and great outreach is persuasiveness. To be persuasive, you need to understand your readers and what drives them to take action. To understand the website owner you’re reaching out to, it’s important to first understand their audience and what they’re interested in. Which topics are most important to them? Type of content format do they prefer?  Other sites do they follow? What common challenges do they face? What types of sources do they trust? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can leverage this information in your link marketing. Highlight the section of the page that talks about the topics they care about most (or even go the extra mile and create an anchor link to that specific section). Highlight videos on your page if their audience prefers video content.

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