Start With Yourself

Just to get straight to the point: the weakest spot is yourself. Convenience and frugality can lead to cyber problems in many ways. They often revolve around passwords. Because using many apps often also means many user accounts. Not infrequently, the entire team has one account and therefore one username and password . That might save some licensing costs, but it’s risky. Because you do not see who is working with this account. And so who Israel Phone Number List has had access to certain documents and channels. Specifically, who made changes to that marketing plan the day before yesterday? No idea…

criminals persuade you

It can also easily go wrong if an employee Israel Phone Number List leaves the organization. A nice goodbye is said, the card, laptop and telephone are handed in. But will the password of the joint account also be changed? Another big problem: you probably find it difficult to keep coming up with new passwords and remembering them. So old passwords are reused, or else the new ones are easy to guess. Like 12345678, or the familiar welcome01. Or your dog’s name that appears daily on your Facebook account. The technology is ready to help you: you can, for example, save passwords in your browser.


2. Put your passwords in a safe

 But that is of course not a good idea if you work in an Israel Phone Number List  office where other people can easily reach your computer .A much better idea: a password vault. You can store a different strong password for each application. Then you only have to type in the password of the safe if you want to work with such an app. If you still want or need to share certain passwords, you can also do so via that safe. A lot safer than emailing them to your colleague.

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