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It is even more important that the most important message is at the top. The eyes often move across the screen in the so-called ‘f-pattern’. The reader will read the important headlines at the top of the page first, moving horizontally from left to right. After that there will be another (shorter) horizontal movement on the  Estonia Phone Number List left side of the page. The last scan is a vertical movement, which then reads the left part of the content (headings, titles, etc.).

Getting started with business texts

You don’t just throw a good business text out of  Estonia Phone Number List your sleeve. Try to take the above tips into account and, if possible, try to let others read along. Think of people from your intended target group or people who are professionally involved with language. If this is not possible, simply putting your text away overnight and looking at it again the next day can also sometimes help.

Estonia Phone Number List
Estonia Phone Number List

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