Startup Showtime

It’s not just implementations. It seems like showtime almost every week at the moment. With one after another unveiling a new product or service from a startup in the Netherlands.  Gartner Hypecycle of blockchain  . We see that several elements of the technology have already gone through the tough ‘trough of disillusionment’ . Are now walking the ‘slope of enlightenment’. As I wrote before : compare with the development Guam B2B List  of the internet and you will see that we have only just started. We are at the beginning of a great technological revolution. In the next decade we will have more progress than in the last 100 years. – Peter Diamandis, founder of Singularity University

First look back

Also last year I was allowed to look at this year in Guam B2B List the glass blockchain sphere of Frankwatching. Back then I saw many companies that were rapidly making these chains transparent. This very recently published report shows that the number of countable implementations has doubled in the past year compared to the year before.

 Peter Diamandis,

Another trend that has developed beyond expectations is Guam B2B List the ‘government crypto’, the Central Bank Digital Currencies. I will share an outlook on this  for the coming year later in this article . I also foresaw many developments in the field of the ‘fintechization’ of our society, which has entered a fast waters worldwide with the unprecedented development of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi, which I wrote about earlier ).

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