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Telling stories is what marketers like to do. In fact, as a brand you can no longer gain weight without a good story. But to conquer the hearts of your audience with your stories on social media, a translation is still necessary. Kevin shares 5 do’s for storytelling on social media, plus some inspiring examples . Image accompanying article about storytelling on social media. 8. How ProRail is tackling the transition to hybrid working At ProRail too, corona Slovenia Phone Number List  resulted in an accelerated introduction to working from home and an accelerated development of the vision on ‘where-you-work’. But how should we proceed now?

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In this article, Wendy and Paul share how they approach  Slovenia Phone Number List the transition to hybrid working at ProRail . Switch tracks in article about transition from ProRail to hybrid works 9. Focus on the right sense while writing ‘Vacancy texts, advertisements and blogs often read as a government policy document’, says Lars. No emotion and no triggers. It is important that your texts capture the imagination of your reader. But how do you take care of that? Focus on senses while writing . Lady using her sense while reading. 10. 7 SEA tactics to give your webshop a big boost How do you generate more turnover?

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Being found well is essential for every webshop, from large Slovenia Phone Number List  to small. These 7 SEA Tactics Can Help You Give Your Store a Big Boost . This was the top 10 of September! Are you curious about the most popular articles from other months? You will find it here . Keep moving! Whether you want to learn (use) the latest techniques, apps or gadgets or prefer to keep your knowledge of the more common things up-to-date, it is important to Slovenia Phone Number List  keep developing. Do you always want to have the latest knowledge? Take a look at our Annual subscription online courses. Yes, interesting!

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