Survival of the Transformer

Every organization knows that it is important to innovate, to transform. But often they don’t get off the ground. Or they linger on the first low-hanging successes. What goes wrong with digital transformation? And what can we learn from this?Let’s start with some good news: In 2015, just 1 percent of US business leaders said digital transformation is a top priority. ‘Now’ that is no less than 90%. This is what Menno Lanting writes in his book ‘ Out of the transformation swamp ‘ (affiliate). If I look at the source, that is research from 2017 among senior IT professionals, but good. Let’s just  South Africa Phone Number List assume that the transformation urgency is currently being felt strongly within organizations.

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But now for the bad news. Companies have South Africa Phone Number List  started enthusiastically, but seem to be sinking into an endless transformation swamp. It turns out to be difficult to really change things, or to realize financial gain with it. In his book Menno Lanting therefore approaches digital transformation from the ‘failure side’. What are the main reasons that transformation is not successful?

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Digital transformation: 

New technologies influence existing patterns South Africa Phone Number List  of production, consumption, collaboration and organisation. In the first part of his book Lanting provides a good insight into all those outside influences. As a company, you have no direct influence on these technological developments. But in the way you set up your organization to deal with it. And that is digital transformation. And what is not a digital transformation?

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