Targeting Goes Back

With the disappearance of third-party data . The increased degree of consumer control over its own data. We are actually going back to the core within online advertising; targeting based on demographic data, based on interest profiles and based on New Zealand B2B List  behavior within the respective social media platform.

Is taking off again

The major players see this, of course, and are now busy further optimizing the targeting options based on their own data in order to offer marketers new/expanded options to reach the right audience. For example, Snapchat recently announced New Zealand B2B List  new (automated) ad targeting features . And Facebook is also focusing more on features such as automated targeting expansion .


3. Social commerce

With more and more brands reaching the New Zealand B2B List  limits of their last-click conversion model on Google , social commerce is a very interesting development. Why? Firstly, because social media boomed in times of corona, and with it the number of consumers who make purchases via social media. Secondly, because social media is highly scalable due to its huge user numbers and wealth of data. Google Ads in particular are based on pull marketing; very competitive in terms of costs per conversion, but limited in terms of scalability.

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