The 2030 Editors:

What roles are there in the 2030 editorial board? Step into the time machine and experience what the editors of the future look like. And immediately discover which areas you should focus on to be ‘ future proof ‘. The robots are coming! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over more and more parts of our work. Also compiling articles . Yes, there are even robots writing novels, composing songs and making lyrics! Technicians, process managers Comoros B2B List  and artists are watching these developments with great enthusiasm. Editors are also following these closely, but many of them are secretly trembling with fear. ‘Will I still have a job later?’ is the question that arises.

The editor of 2030

Fear not: the profession of copywriter  Comoros B2B List will not die out completely. It will definitely undergo a metamorphosis, and certain skills will weigh more heavily. But still, we will still need editors in 2030. Significantly fewer in number, but they remain necessary.

Comoros B2B List

neuro-nerds & crea-types

The top 3 most important skills for the future Comoros B2B List  are creativity, emotional intelligence and analysis, according to research. And of course you cannot do without relevant knowledge about all kinds of technology. I predict that there will be seven important roles in the editorial department of 2030. Some of those roles are mainly done by robots. The rest is mainly human.

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