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He wants the best for you. And all you Switzerland Phone Number to do is coopera Finally, the principle of commitment & consistency . If the criminal calls, you are immediately all ears, because your Switzerland Phone Number are in danger! He then comes up with a series of questions that make his story increasingly believable. For example, he knows where you shopped. This way you are drawn further and further into the trap. Pay attention This strategy is all too often successful: anyone Switzerland Phone Number fall victim to social engineering. The only thing that helps is to pay attention. Because not everything on the internet is harmless.

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For example, that site that tells you Switzerland Phone Number your place of birth is known for. Or that funny little test that you click on in a moment of boredom. It predicts your future based on your date of birth. But the real Switzerland Phone Number is that you will be attacked by a cyber criminal. Be careful with information Know what information you share online, on which platforms and with whom. Sharing posts with ‘friends of friends’ is great for your number of followers, but that can also Switzerland Phone Number cyber criminals. Think about what you do on social media: only make things public that cannot be abused.

Switzerland Phone Number

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Don’t be rushed Cyber ​​criminals try to Switzerland Phone Number you in their messages with words like ‘now’, ‘immediately’ or ‘before 5pm’. Don’t fall for that. Contact the sender by calling the number known to you. Check if the story is correct. If your bank calls, ask for the name of the employee and Switzerland Phone Number department. And call back yourself. Unusual is suspicious Do you receive an email from someone who normally never emails? Is the language used in an app different from what you are used to from the sender? Or is it a request you would never expect from her? Check! Switzerland Phone Number contact the sender.

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